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Easy Sale Process

Selling your house for cash is usually different from selling using estate agents. The process is normally much simpler and does not require all of the steps normally needed in a conventional sale.

We work quickly to complete a sale !


How It Works

Selling your house directly to us involves just a few simple steps. Some of the basic steps in the overall process are outlined below:

  1. Call Us

In order to start the process, just pick up the phone to discuss your current situation. We will normally run through your exact circumstances and will use the opportunity to determine your specific requirements with regard to the price that you are looking to achieve from the sale as well as specific facts about the property.

  1. Discuss Options

Once we have determined your circumstances, we will discus the various options available to you. Some of these options may include the choice of selling your property to us and renting it back, or selling outright, or rental for a short period of time and so on…We will determine the most suitable option between us.

  1. Issue instant offer

If we manage to confirm most of the facts about your property and your circumstances, we will usually look to issue you a provisional offer price. This offer will be based on the facts you provide and if you agree in principle then we will proceed to start the purchase.

  1. Property survey

If you are happy with our offer, we will instruct a formal property survey to confirm valuations of the property to proceed with the sale.

  1. Instruct Solicitors

Once the valuations have been confirmed by a survey, we will proceed to instruct solicitors to prepare contracts for the sale to complete. This is essentially the final stage of the process and we will look to exchange contracts to complete the sale.

Although the above is a brief outline of the sale process, there is essentially not much more to do to help you release equity fast from your house. The process is normally much simpler than a conventional sale and hence quicker.